Terms & Conditions

Please Read Carefully

To avoid any misunderstanding, please be sure you have read the general information listed below and are in agreement with the terms and conditions before booking a tour.
1. For most tours, the approximate return time to New York City is about 7:30 PM depending on traffic conditions and other situations.
2. Transportation is via motorcoaches equipped with A/C, DVD, TV and lavatory. We reserve the right to substitute the motorcoach for a minibus or high top van if we do not meet the capacity of the motorcoach. Rest stop(s) will be made during the trip on most tours.
3. Most motorcoaches are equipped with bathrooms. These are typically for emergency use. We make frequent stops at service areas or rest stops for you to use public restrooms.
4. Smoking is not allowed on any bus at any time.
5. Most tours include a tour leader and bus driver.
6. It is the customer’s responsibility to be at the scheduled pick up point on time. We cannot wait after the scheduled pick up time. No refund or credit for latecomers or no-shows on the departure date will be given for any reason. Passenger(s) must wait for the bus at the designated pick up location(s) if the bus is running late due to traffic condition or other situation. If the passenger(s) choose not to wait for the bus, and there is no credit and no refund given to any passenger(s) on the day of the trip.
7. It is the responsibility of the customer to inform L & M Tours in advance of any special needs or requirements the customer might have, such as special hotel rooms, dietary requirements, etc. We will try to accommodate your request.
8. We often take photos of our tour groups to put in our office, on our website, or in our this website. If you do not wish your photo to be used for such purposes, please let us know before the photo is taken.
9. L & M Tours & its agents act only as agents for travelers, and are not responsible for schedule or itinerary changes, delays, accidents, and injury to any person or property. Also, we are not liable for nonperformance on the part of bus operators, hotels, vendors, or attractions. We reserve the right to change the itinerary and price without prior notice. Some attractions may not be available during holidays, and substitutions will be offered whenever possible.
10. The customary gratuities for Bus Driver and Tour Guide are not included. Some admissions are not included in the tour price unless they are specified in the this website.
11. No refunds will be given on any unused admissions, service, meals & hotels. There will be no take-out food from the restaurant on any day trip if the passenger(s) does not show up on the date of the trip.
12. We do not rotate seats on our tours. Seating is assigned by the date of booking.
13. Full payment is required for 1-day tours. A $100 deposit is required for tours 2-3 days while a $200 deposit is required for tours that are 4 or more days. The balance is due 3 to 4 weeks before departure. Reservations not paid in full when due will be cancelled and deposit forfeited. We accept checks, cash, money orders, Visa & MasterCard for payment.
14. There is a service fee $35 for every returned check to us by your bank.
15. For Canada Tours, passengers must have valid documents: U.S. Passport, Citizenship Paper or Enhanced Driver License. We are not responsible for travel documents. It is the customer’s responsibility to have valid documents.
16. For casino trips, customers (age 21 & up) must carry a valid government issued Picture ID with date of birth to enter the casino and receive bonus. Bonus is subject to change without prior notice.
17. L & M Tours may cancel any tour prior to departure for any reason including an insufficient number of passengers. A refund will be given to passengers by company check, less service fees if applicable. If a tour is cancelled on the departure date because of inclement weather, a refund will be given less service charges.
18. L & M Tours reserves the right to decline or accept anyone at any time for any reason before or during the actual tour.

19. Passengers must bring a valid government issued picture ID for any academies trips.
20. Our Tour Directors assist you from the moment you get on the bus until you finish your tour. They will stand in line for tickets, check you into hotels, and answer any questions you may have.
21. All prices listed on our this website are per person. Single: 1 person per room, Double: 2 people per room, Triple: 3 people per room, Quad: 4 people per room. Triple & Quad rooms have 2 double beds.
22. Price Guarantee: We do not intend to change our prices on our tours after they published. Prices are subject to change due to unforeseen changes, fluctuations in foreign exchange rates, and other factors. Fuel supplements may be added on our tours at anytime. You will be notified if prices are different.
23. Seat Assignment: We assign seats for passengers for the duration of the tour. When you make your reservations, you may make a seating request, such as front, middle, rear, window or aisle seat. As confirmations are being issued, your seating requests will be honored in the order your final payment was received. If you are traveling with a group or a roommate, your seats will be assigned based on the receipt of your final payment. We will try to put the group next to each other.
24. If you would like to seat with your friends/partners, you need to send in one payment. If you send in payments, and we cannot guarantee the seating arrangement.
25. Departure points are listed on our this website. In some cases we may use a shuttle vehicle to transfer you to our regular pick up point.
26. Itinerary Change: L & M Tours reserves the right to make changes in the itineraries and hotels of any tour if the suppliers cannot accommodate our request. We will try to keep the same itinerary and use hotels of equal or better on our tours.
27. L & M Tours will try our best to provide the most updated information on every tour at the time of printing the this website. We are not liable for any changes from our suppliers. If there are any changes in the itinerary after the this website is printed, you will be notified at the time of making a tour reservation.
28. There is walking involved on all tours. It is the customer’s responsibility to find out how much walking on each tour.
29 We are unable to reserve seats on the bus for special needs such as motion sickness. Please consult your doctor for advice. We suggest you make your reservation earlier to secure a seat that might alleviate the problem.
30. L & M Tours will make every effort to protect your luggage and personal belongings which are stored in the baggage bays or overheads. We are not liable for any loss or damage to baggage or any of the passengers’ belongings. Baggage insurance is available.
31. Lost & Found: Before you leave the bus, please carry all your belongings with you, no responsibility is accepted for any items which are left on the bus after the trip. In the event we should find some items on the bus, we will keep them at the office for 1 week.
32. We welcome any suggestions or feedback on all of our trips. Your comments are very important to us, and they help us improve our service and make your next trip more enjoyable.
33. We suggest you wear or bring comfortable walking shoes or sneakers. All tours operate rain or shine.
34. Travel Protection Plan is available for all trips. Contact us for details. 36. Minimize the use of cell phone while you are inside the bus. Show respect and consider your travel companions.
35. L & M Tours will not be held liable for any passenger not completing a round trip tour. There will be no refund or credit on any unused portion of the trip.
36. If you are booked as a twin and your roommate cancels the reservation, and you cannot find another roommate, you may travel as a single and pay the single supplement.
37. Luggage service is not included on the tour price unless noted.
38. L & M Tours is not responsible for any passengers who comes back late to the bus. Usually courtesy waiting time is about 5 minutes.
39. All food is consumed at the restaurant, and we are not liable for any incidents.
40. We offer discounts or early bird rates on some trips. Customers can take either offer.
41. All information on this website is subject to change without notice.